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Who is The Career Branding Academy For?

The Career Branding Academy is a monthly membership site for pro’s who want the right strategies and tools, in the right order, to design their careers to attract and get better career opportunities based on their strongest skills and professional passion.

We believe that you should have access to World-Class content at your convenience to fit your busy daily schedule, to help you get the career and life you want and deserve because we all do our best work and thrive when we do what we love.

We also believe in accountability and community, which is why we’ve created a member area and forum where you’ll meet other career-driven professionals that will encourage and support you on your career journey.

But most of all, we believe in you!

We believe in your ability to make an impact in your profession and to attract and get a career that fulfills you so you can live a life that brings you joy.

We can’t wait to have you in The Career Branding Academy — this membership could change your career and life.

Have More Questions?

The Career Branding Academy is for you if you:

  • Want to attract better career opportunities
  • Feel you’re not fulfilled by your current job
  • Want to build a professional online presence
  • Don’t want to leave your future career up to chance
  • Want to create an authentic career brand
  • Are a College/ University student and want to kick-start your career
  • Want to get to do work that matters to you, faster!

If you can say yes to any of these, then The Career Branding Academy is for you!

Each month four types of new content will be made available for you inside the membership area.

The first week of the month a Master Class will be released.

The second week a Backstage Pass will be made available.

The third week you will get an Action Guide to help you implement the monthly topic.

And, the fourth week there will be a LIVE Q&A coaching session where your questions about career branding and the monthly topic will get answered.

How much time you choose to set a side each week is up to you, but if you allocate about 30-minutes to an hour a week, then you should have time to implement the content.

But, this isn’t a course with homework. You can consume the content at your own pace. Don’t sweat it if you miss some content because you have a busy week. You can always go back and watch, read or download content in the Academy Library, and drop in the Academy Forum when you have time.

The great thing about being an Academy Member is that you can always go to the Academy Library and find the content you might have missed.

The Library will also be the place to go to find content if you want to refresh a Master Class or watch a Backstage Pass again. That’s also where you’ll find all the recordings of the monthly LIVE Q&A webinars, so if you can’t attend the live session, then you can always find the recording in the library shortly after the session.

If you don’t feel the Academy is matching your needs, then you can always cancel your membership. No matter how sad I’ll be to see you go, I want you to focus on what makes sense for you so you can move ahead in your career.

Cancelling your membership prevents your card from being billed at your next billing date.

When you register as a Member of The Career Branding Academy, your monthly/Yearly membership price will never go up, which means you’ll be locked at the same price for as long as you’re a member.

The membership price will most likely be higher next time enrollment opens for new members.

So don’t wait and miss this opportunity to get access to the World-Class career developing content that will help you attract and get the career you want and deserve.

Register today!


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